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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Exhaling into Palin

Gotta love the American knack for making a buck. As Topco Sales says in their press release:
The sexy 'This is Not Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll' won't debate you—and that's a good thing. Her wide-open mouth doesn't spew political bipartisanism because she's just waiting for you to 'drill baby, drill.' Two other openings offer alternate ways to lay a pipeline in this Alaskan MILF.

Reminds of the old song by the Police, Be My Girl

And so I sit her in the corner
And sometimes stroke her hair
And when Im feeling naughty
I blow her up with air

Shes cuddly and shes bouncy,
Shes like a rubber ball,
I bounce her in the kitchen
And I bounce her in the hall