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Friday, June 11, 2004

Real news during the Ronnie-Rama blackout...

Via dangerousmeta I found this little noticed story about Biggest U.S. Military Exercise since the Cold War

While the U.S. military introduces the U.S. Forces’ Global Posture Realignment (GPR) program based on its cross-regional strategy, the biggest naval exercise since the end of the Cold War has been staged, involving seven aircraft carriers.


China, in particular, is reacting sensitively, saying this exercise is preparing for a “double banks” war between China and Taiwan.

For the exercise, four aircraft carriers from the Atlantic squadron, and three from the Pacific squadron will be deployed from the 12 total aircraft carriers the U.S. military has. The exercise will last for three months from June 5 until August with over 50,000 soldiers taking part.

In the East Pacific area, all seven aircraft carriers will gather to perform a joint drill from mid-July to August.


Also, the newly established U.S. Navy‘s “21st century 10-30-30 strategy” will be applied to the exercise for the first time. In April, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld presented the 10-30-30 strategy as one in which “the services would deploy to a world hot spot within 10 days, defeat an enemy in 30 days, and be ready to fight again in another 30 days.

(emphasis mine)

I wonder if they're getting ready for an October Suprise.