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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Techie Tuesday: The iPirate Radio

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Those crafty modders over at Endgadet give us step-by-step instrucions on how to Make your own Pirate Radio Station with an iPod
First, to become your own pirate broadcast station you’ll need to increase the range and signal of your iTrip mini. Turns out, there is an antennae built inside the iTrip mini. All you need to do is remove the top sticker-like protection which hides the antennae and then using tweezers or your fingernail, pull the antennae out. We’ve found a 20% to 30% increase of range on average. This likely voids the warranty, so there, we said it.

Next up, if you’re using the iTrip mini, then you know that you can install all the stations on the dial to broadcast on. At first we we’re really sure we’d ever use them, but now we have good reason. So make sure you’ve installed all the stations, on the go you might need them to switch to. Remember, the iTrip is a FM broadcasting device, intended to broadcast 10 to 30 feet to a FM radio.

Next, choose your broadcast, it can be any song or a spoken word MP3, don’t worry we have a few suggestions. A lot depends on the situation you’re in. (Much more)

They also offer some clever uses:
-Supply your own sound track to TV's at the Gym;
-Playback silence to blaring radio station of the car next to you;
-Add the iTalk module and hide it in the bathroom to embarrass your friends (OK, I made the last one up).