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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Prognostication or Political Science-Fiction

I have been thinking of a new writing genre which I call Poli-Sci-Fi. It takes current polictical repercussions and mixes them with tea leaves. These near-term auguries can be pessimistic, satiric, or an exercise in risk management.

For instance, read this amusing post on how Life Imitates Satire: Sometimes Reality Has the Last Laugh

Another example is this excerpt from an article by Harley Sorensen, A Preview Of Four More Years:
The predictable Bush would expand America's quest to control the world's waning supplies of oil. At the moment (subject to change), it looks like Iran will be our next victim. At the appropriate time, we will be told that Iran has become an intolerable threat and must be muzzled. America's list of nations needing destruction will continue to look remarkably like Israel's.

A predictable Bush will soon prove to be his father's son when he breaks his solemn campaign promise to not institute a military draft. Read his lips. They're moving? Words are coming out? He's a politician? He's lying.

Bush will continue his quest to privatize Social Security. He appears not to know why Social Security was created in the first place. It was created because, in a competitive capitalistic society with its ups and downs, private investment for retirement proved to be disastrous for too many people. Social Security provides a safety net for the unskilled or unlucky. Privatize its investments and you have a Los Vegas craps table, with a few winners and a lot of losers.

Bush will continue to push for tax breaks to benefit people in his and his family's economic situation.

If the air in Houston gets dirty enough, or if Bush's dude ranch in Crawford is flooded by the melting polar ice caps, Bush might notice some problems with the environment, but don't count on it. The predictable Bush will continue to put corporate profits above human life.

Bush will continue to use homosexual men and women as the scapegoats he needs to satisfy the bigoted portion of his political base. At the same time, that portion of his base will be yapping at their hero for not being even more repressive. Those folks won't be happy until we return to stocks, floggings and witch trials.

Bush judicial appointments will become more reactionary, thus sentencing the United States to a period of unprecedented judicial Dark Ages. The prison-building industry, inspired by Ronald Reagan, continued by Bush (41), and greatly accelerated by Bill Clinton, will prosper.

In a surprise move, the U.S. Supreme Court, guided by precedent, will uphold Roe v. Wade. However, this prediction is subject to change if Bush is first able to pack the court with activist right-wing judges.

Maybe these could be offered up like film treatments:
In the not so distant future, radical ecologists with stolen plans from Al-Queda bio-geneticists unleashed a plague on those with the faith-gene causing them to spontaneously combust. President Jenna Bush vows an Apocalyptic revenge...