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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Techie Tuesday: Poseidon Undersea Resorts

I'd like to be under the sea... Posted by Hello

I once snuck inside an underwater habitat that was a former Nasa training module. I didn't get wet because it was parked on land at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Later, I heard that it was sold as surplus for $1 to an outfit that planned to make it into an underwater hotel. I never knew what really happened to it but remember thinking it would be a cool and romantic bed and breakfast.

That why when I win the lottery I will make resevations ($1,500 a night) at for the themed Nautilus Suite at the planned Poseidon Undersea Resort in the Bahamas. It should open later next year.

Just check out the Hotel Amenities:
The Poseidon Undersea Resort will be a true five-star facility offering the finest wine and cuisine and the highest levels of service. The entire experience will be designed to foster an ambiance of comfort and camaraderie among guests. There will be a visiting celebrity program and regular guest lecturers. Diving lessons and expeditions will be available onsite and a swim with the dolphins program may also be implemented. Excursions on a deep diving submarine are also likely.

In summary, the underwater portion of the resort will consist of:
- 20 luxury suites
- 2 service areas
- central corridor assembly
- restaurant, bar/lounge, kitchen
- Grand Poseidon Suite
- Nautilus Suite

Since this is one of the fantasy vacations that I'll probably never afford I can dream, can't I? If you like to dream too, check out the FAQs and take the virtual tour.

(Via Gear Live)