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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What Would Rambo Do?

The Rude Pundit, with his special, delicate touch, rips into Bush and reams him over his comments about the detainees down Gitmo way that have been realeased.
Bush said that 'Some have been released to their previous countries, and they got out and they went on to the battlefield again.' It ain't that big a leap of logic to say that perhaps they went to the battlefield because of the way they were treated at Gitmo. That after a couple of years of detention with no way to contact loved ones, no access to legal processes, and at least some brutality and torture in the form of beatings, sleep deprivation, and more, one might be fuckin' pissed when one is released with nothing more than an 'oops.' Ask yourself: what would Rambo do? No, really, fuckin' ask yourself that. Would Rambo simply walk away and go back to whatever the hell Rambo did? Or would Rambo wanna go back and face down the motherfuckers who are holding his buddies? Oh, wait. That's what Rambo did."