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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vampire Batteries

As Bush is calling for federal agencies to conserve energy and asking us to forgo unnecessary travel, it's time to resurrect one of his former schemes:
President Bush says the U.S. government will set an example of energy conservation by seeking to avoid buying "vampire" appliances that use excessive amounts of energy when they are on stand-by power.

The stand-by "vampire" devices, which can be found on telephones, televisions, fax machines, washers, dryers and other appliances, "use about 4 percent of the electricity in the average home," President Bush said June 28, speaking to employees at the Department of Energy. "If we multiplied the vampire devices' energy consumption across the country, we're talking about 52 billion [52,000 million] kilowatts hours of power a year, or the equivalent of 26 average-sized power plants," he said.

Bush announced he will sign an executive order directing all federal agencies to purchase, when cost-effective, appliances that meet a one-watt or less per hour standard while on stand-by. "Vampire" devices consume four to seven watts an hour.

Dontcha' think Bushy the Vampire Slayer seems more macho than any Carter comparison?