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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Homecoming: Day of the Voting Dead...

Don't miss Homecoming: Masters of Horror, debuting on Showtime this Friday.

"The point is we're not giving up. And we're definitely not giving up to a bunch of crippled, stinking, maggot infested, brain-dead zombie dissidents," snarls June Cleaver who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain long legged, blonde manimal that inhabits the right-wing talk show circuit. This opening sequence sets the tone for a destined to be a classic zombie-flick helmed by longtime horror master, Joe Dante (Small Soldiers, Gremlins, The Howling).

Scandalous voting procedures is nothing new -- like when the dead voted in Chicago, the nearly-dead voted in Miami, and now, the undead vote across the nation. Based on the award winning short story Death and Suffrage by Dale Bailey, renowned screenwriter, Sam Hamm (Batman, Monkeybone), updates this story to include all your favorite pundits and politicians in this Swiftian morality play.

This supernatural tale explores what happens when a White House operative wishes that fallen soldiers could come back and express their true feelings about the war. Sadly, it was a war sold on "horseshit and elbow grease." So, when they do, it's not pretty.

I don't want to give any more spoilers, but:
-One scene of gratuitous nipple-clamps and handcuffs;
-One scene of eye-gouging and head bashing of presidential confidant and mastermind;
-One scene of zombie taunting and torture.

I predict after this showing there will be spontaneous reenactments of Scanners throughout the right-wing blogosphere.

Encourage all your latte-swilling, Volvo-driving, Hollywood-loving freak show, librul friends to watch this.

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