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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wasting Time at Work

No, I'm not talking about 'Surfing the Web' or blogging from the work place.

Where I'm recently employed, at a small office, one of my responsibilities is to catch incoming calls.

I would say over 50% of the calls fielded are not related to our businees but rather sales calls, or if you prefer, telemarketing calls.

There is the the strident voice asking to speak to the owner of the business but will not say why they are calling. They always ask for the boss by first name, in a familiar manner, but decline to leave a message.

This pissed me off back when they called me at home but thank god there was legislation to put a stop to that.

Yet, nothing was ever passed to stop the phone banks from harrassing small businesses.

I think billions of dollars are lost each year anwering the phones, wasting time to devine the reason for the call, and then telling them you're not paid to take telemarketing messages.

Which is why I think this article is flawed.Workus Interruptus