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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The False Path to 9-11

Rewriting history is usually best left until all the major protagonists are dead and buried. ABC/Disney does not understand this. See for yourself at what is touted as the scenes that The Tradional Values. Org says is the ABC footage that Bill Clinton Does NOT want you to see.

The first clip is the ficticious account of how US special forces and The Afghani Northen Alliance surrounded a compound where Osama and top Al Quaeda members are gathering. It is shown with the same thermal imaging used by the viewpoint of the Predator in the flick with Schwanzenegger.

Nice touch but unlikley as the company that produced that technology was looking for a round investment funding in 1998 (although the CEO did tell me they lent a prototype to the production of the Predator film). Maybe the CIA had a version of the $125,000 camera mount for the raid to upload by satellite to Langley. Maybe they relayed it by ISDN.

But what strikes me as false in this clip is that The Northern Alliance didn't go in kill everybody because the Americans said stop.

Anyhoo, watch it yourselves, don't belive my fuckinglying eyes...