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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I Didn't Choose this Class War...

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In what is one of the best historical fictions about the French Revolution, Sabatini paints a picture of a cynic turned patriot by his passions. You can read it here for free: Scaramouche

Story in a nutshell: A young man of bastard birth swears vengeance upon a noble, the Count, who cold-bloodedly killed his best friend an innocent, progressive liberal in a set up duel. Afterwards, our hero begins a new life hiding out in a theatrical company where he plays Scaramouche on stage. He falls in love but as fate would have it, said Noble seduces his fiancé! After inciting a riot on the Count and the nobles during his last performance in the theater, he escapes to a Parisian fencing academy where he becomes more than proficient.

Later when asked to duel with those nobles who are using duello to kill the progressive delegates to the French National Assembly. He cynically agrees and enters politics where it ultimately allows him to confront his arch-nemesis, the Count, with sharpened steel.

He later finds out his illegitimate birth is a result of an affaire between ...

But that would be telling!