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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

More Techie Tuesday...

I'm doing the job search and need to get a cel phone. Apart from the cost what features do I want? This post from Endgadget gives me some ideas:
I personally think best application on the market for making ring tones for the average non-uber geek is “Xingtone” add to that, they work with the record companies, carriers and do a great job empowering the “do it yourself” crowd.

What is Xingtone? From the site: “Xingtone’s desktop software is easy-to-use, legal, and allows you to create mobile phone ringtones using digital audio files on your computer - music clips, sound effects, your child’s laugh, your dog’s bark, or any sound you like!”

So now I know that the phone needs to be mp3 compatible. I didn't really need the camera function anyway...