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Sunday, May 30, 2004

When stool pigeons start dropping names, who'll start dropping stools?

The fantastic gumshoe journalist, Jimmy Breslin, points out what should be obvious to newspaper editors everywhere:

Higher-ups beware the lowly stool pigeon

I am told that there are over 30 homicides in the prison run by Americans in Baghdad. If the averages hold up, and there is no reason they should not, there should be 30 stool pigeons who can identify people in lineups, make statements against them and appear in court as witnesses to bury the accused.

I thought of that immediately as I saw the picture of this Lt. Gen. Sanchez, who was leaving Baghdad for a post that hasn't been announced.

The administration announced that his leaving did not mean that he was being held responsible for the disaster.

I took it to mean that the man was on the dead run and probably should have been held on the site for a grand jury, complete with stool pigeons.

If the grand jury doesn't call you in, and you just sit there and wait, then you are a target of the investigation.

The most dangerous things, as deadly as a weapon, are:

"He did it."

"I was with him."

"I saw him do it."

"He told us to do it ..."
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Breslin goes on to explain how professional investigators interrogating suspects never have to send them to hospital to get them roll over on the true culprits. Will any of these soldiers or contractors start pointing fingers? He seems to thinks so and that it will lead to the White House...