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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

No wonder a clown is their spokesperson...

Via I found this story which really pisses me off (since I don't eat their crap I really can't boycott them). This time it's not about coffee when McDonald's Sued
The family of one of three McDonalds employees killed in a deadly Camden County crash is reportedly suing the corporation.

The suit comes after McDonald's allegedly refused to pay life-insurance benefits to the family of Cynthia Molino, one of three workers killed in the 2002 crash.

Frank Nastasi is charged with ramming his car into this restaurant in May of 2002.

Molino had worked for McDonald's for two years but the federal lawsuit alleges that the company denied death benefits because she had just been promoted to manager and had not yet completed her 90-day probationary period.

Molino's family says the restaurant should pay the death benefits due to a regular employee, given Molino's 2 years of service.

Welcome to the brave new world of McManufacturing jobs...