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Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday News Dump

This week's news had plenty of action and reaction.

Democratic candidate John Kerry picks John Edwards as his running-mate. Faster than you can say, "Dick Cheney has a potty-mouth," the GOP response came on hard that Edwards didn't have enough experience in government, or foreign relations when compared the current Veep. Yet when compared George Bush in 2000, Edwards has a much better report card.

The next accusation thrown out is that he is a trial lawyer. As opposed to what, I ask, a corporate lawyer,or a tax attorney? Last time I looked corporate lawyers never healed anyone.

The strangest twist is how the Right is trying to paint the new ticket as too touchy-feely, as if they are ambiguously gay...Or something. This is just a prelude to The Federal Marriage Amendment debate which the GOP has scheduled to overshadow the Democratic Convention.

Tom Ridge came out the other day and no one is sure why.

One other distraction desired by the White House is the capture or killing of a High Value Target by the Pakistanis.

Ultimately we learn that microfiched military records of Bush were inadvertently destroyed about 8 years ago. The documents that covered the most contentious period of Bush's National Guard service, or lack thereof, which could have settled the AWOL question, are permanently unavailable. My sources tell me that there was a quiet candle-lit service in the White House chapel to mourn their passing.

It has been revealed that the 'Shot Seen Around the World,' the toppling of Saddaam's statue last year, was staged by none other than an Army "PsyOps" team and was not a spontaneous response by jubilant residents of Baghdad.

In another attack on the 4th Estate, foreign journalists already in the States face new visa regulations and must now leave the US to renew their visas at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad instead of applying in any major city here in this country. This gives LAX custom officials another swipe at harassing them.

One-time Bush companion, confidant, and campaign contributor, Ken Lay did the perp walk. He was released on $500,000 bail and allowed to keep his passport. Oddly enough he is not considered a flight risk eventhough he faces decades in jail. Forbes has a list of the most comfortable jails for corporate malefactors.

Rumors have surfaced that Dick Cheney may face criminal indictments for illegal activities while CEO of energy giant Halliburton. .
This leads to speculation of a surprise rearrangement of he GOP ticket. Not to confuse Republican voters, a surprising look-a-like is found that embraces all the empathy and goodness of Cheney

Dick Cheney's personal physician, the one that certified his health and fitness for office, turns out to be a dope fiend. My sources tell me he has promised to party Cheney out, in an effort to help him get over his being dumped from the ticket...

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