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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Techie Tuesday: Take me to the river...

The Shuttle Bike is portable and sets up in under 10 minutes.

Features and Technical Information:

• Compact - everything fits in a 25 lb. packpack.
• No tools required for quick setup on the shore.
• Aluminum alloy frame clamps attach as a permanent accessory to your bike.
• Stainless steel snap-together bike support frame.
• Propeller/rudder combination attaches to front wheel - steer with your handlebars.
• 275 pound maximum safe load (450 lb. emergency rescue).
• 4 miles per hour cruising, 6 miles per hour maximum speed.
• Pedal powered rapid inflation pump with pressure relief valve.
• Dual floats make the Shuttle-BikeĀ® more stable than canoes, kayaks and other Monohulls.
• Highly maneuverable - can turn 360 degrees in place.
• Clutch pivot retracts propeller in shallow water.