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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Antichrist of the day: Barack Obama

I guess I should have seen this coming. Give one good speech and the next thing is you have some "End of Days" type worrying you are The Antichrist
Did anyone catch this guys speech at the Democratic Convention? This guy bothers me, and here is why. First of all, Barack means blessed. This is from his bio:The lanky candidate speaks with grace, often without notes; strangers greet him enthusiastically on the street.

Even Republicans are complimentary. He exudes confidence and finesse Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois told USA Today.

And yet, in the middle of reporters' scrums and enthusiastic greetings from strangers, Obama has remained preternaturally calm (exceeding what is natural or regular).

"The rich guy flamed out, and Obama was right there," said Mendell. "He ran a really smart primary campaign. He waited until the ninth inning to score all his runs. ... It was masterfully done. (His running mate Jack Ryan withdrew from the race because of sexual activity claimed by his wife.)
He was introduced by longtime Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, who referred to Obama as a man who can help heal the division in our nation.

This guy just sounds to perfect to me. He came on the scene vertually unheard of except in Illinois. I looked at the polls this morning, and Burack Obama had more of a percentage rate then anyone giving speeches at the Democratic Convention...INCLUDING KERRY!!!

The idea is Obama is too well liked, speaks well, and is a Democrat. Not everyone on on this christian forum thread of 17 pages agrees with the premise.

One poster states:
If anyone in public office is the's BUSH.

To which the reponse is:
Bush has about as much "charisma" as a brick!!! He is ARROGANT!!!! His popularity has hit the skids, and as of a few days ago, Kerry was 5 points ahead in the polls.

Go read it yourself. I'd like to point out that it took 11 pages before it went Godwin. Also AC does not stand for air-conditioning...

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