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Friday, August 06, 2004

Better Late Than Never

Ridge Issues Alert For U-Boat Attacks On Northeast Coast
Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge issued a security alert for the potential of German U boat attacks on the Northeast coast of the United States.

“Certain secret documents were discovered that reveal Germany’s intent to target our shores by this class of submarine. I therefore ordered our military and coast guard to extreme heightened patrol,” Ridge said at a Washington news conference.

Though the documents date from over 50 years ago, Ridge emphasized that this didn’t diminish their importance and cited the need for the alert as another example “of the extraordinary leadership of President Bush in protecting our homeland as only he and he alone is capable of doing at least through this election unless wisdom prevails.

Ridge denied that the presidential election played any factor in declaring the alert. “It’s cynical and preposterous to even suggest politics had anything to do with this. I know our superb president wouldn’t stand for this while he is solely focused on decisive leadership to ensure you, your family and loved ones are secure in safe homeland only made possible by his decisive leadership,” Ridge said.

(Via BuzzFlash)