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Monday, September 27, 2004

Bush Out! Fundraiser a Success

The Bush Out! Art Auction and Fundraiser succesfully raised over $1,500 for the DNC. Out of 39 pieces of art up on the(silent) auction block, 35 left the gallery with gratified new owners. An estimated 100 buyers, bidders, and just browsers packed the Inferno Gallery, so much so, that it got a bit steamy inside.

For those outside, it was a chance to cool off, discuss art and politics, and to smoke. Inevitably to return to see if they were out bid and grab a a glass of wine or another scrumptious hors d'oeuvre(my favorite was the fried polenta used like a crostini).

The art showed a diversity of style and technique, yet the majority of art on display illustrated a sharp edge commentary of today's relevant politcal issues. As you can see...

Over a 100 people showed up 

“War Toy” mixed media, by CHEZ 2004©

“Mask” ceramic, by Susannah Israel 2004©

“Commander and Thief” oil on panel and metal, by Erik Odegard 2004©

“Pieta” photo print, by Gary-Paul Prince 2004©

“Cookie Jar” ceramic, by Susannah Israel 2004©

“2003 Yearbook” acrylics on panels, by Richard Fong 2004©

Everyone's a critic...Charlie Dog makes no bones about it.

I applaud the organizers of this event. It demonstrates that with bit of intiative and imagination one can make a difference and involve people in politics. This kind of fundraising is simply more satisfying than writing a check to your party or PAC. Usually the GOP is better at this kind thing. While their events seem to border on stag parties or senior balls, this was for real people and the opportunty to meet artists, who are (yes) sometimes real people too!

At the end of the evening it was gratifyingto see great glaring white spaces on the walls, acknowledging what was once on exhibit there found fresh walls to grace...