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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Techie Tuedsay: Patio Park

Still, dont' forget the walk... Posted by Hello

I bet that every dog owner has wished for a portable Patio Park:
Features a charming picket fence, mock fire hydrant and REAL GRASS, turning your terrace into Central Park for your pooch. The unit measures 56"l x 26"w x 24"h, holds a 2'x4' section of grass sod with a water reservoir at each end. The self irrigating system promotes even watering; just add water to the reservoirs and the irrigation strips absorb and distribute it for you.

Each unit comes with 2 plastic liners, 3 irrigation strips, base tray, wall with removable picket fence, mock fire hydrant and watering wicks.

*We recommend replacing your grass once a month. Grass can be purchase at your local lawn & garden store.*