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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

'Tis the Season of Madness

crazy season greetings. Posted by Hello

The hue and cry of saving Merry Christmas from humanistic behavior has spread across the land. Roving bands of martyrs have decided to fight the lions of winter solstice and take matters into their own hands.
Nativity Scene Built on County Lawn
Knowing the Polk County Commission has refused to sanction Nativity scenes on government property, a group of Baptist grandparents took Christmas into their own hands Wednesday.

Under the cover of night, they erected a manger scene on the lawn of the Neil Combee County Administration Building. And now the question is whether commissioners will evict Baby Jesus before his birthday.

Wednesday's covert mission accomplished what other church groups have failed to do in recent months: move Mary, Joseph and child onto a grassy plot near the center of the county's court, government and sheriff offices.

(snatched from Fark)