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Friday, January 28, 2005

BARBARians City Beat

For all those who could not make it to the most recent BARBARian Bash, here is this intrepid reporter's hack job:

Inclement weather did not stop some of the Bay Area's most subversive bloggers from meeting in an every man's bar in the heart of the Mission District. Blog is short for web-log or online privatized private personal accounting. The choice of venue, with it's shabby surroundings and cheap selection of fine brews, showed their dedication to raise the lot of the common man. We hail these heroes, these select few, who pound their keyboards at all hours of the day and night on behalf of the disenfranchised.

Mingling with this stalwart crew one can learn many interesting tidbits. As the ale flowed so did the conversation and the revelations.

Local luminary Scamboogah is a Bea Arthur fan and possibly has a nude photo of her.

The genius behind explained that he gets many search engine hits from what he thinks is the pervy-ier side of the internets.

Mr. Gumby2u, from the humble It Looks Like This site, is feeling the pressure to challenge Diane Feinstein in the Senate run off.

Simbaud, The King of Zembla, is not only a prolific editorialist but was an underwear model in a former life.

The author of Paperwight's Fair Shot is a firebrand in search of a think tank. Al Gore, George Soros are you listening? I could see him as adviser to Mr. Gumby2u's political campaign.

Shystee speaks fluent Italian and is a big fan of Paolo Rossi.

Generik did not bring a dirk but brought his light sabre laser and lives near an airport. He is now doing 'Live Nude' blogging.

Blogenlust is suffering from short term memory loss but was picked up by the Daou Report (ed note: anyone know the proper pronunciation of Daou? Is Belafonte the key?) which is an honor in itself.

Belisarius is a fond student of history and prefers a certain Roman General who he considers to be more of a patriot than Cincinnatus. It is hard to disagree with him.

Jackson West from the SFist, an online news organization and not some sort of kinky practice, envisions supplanting sfgate. That wouldn't be such a bad thing

I must give undying accolades to Jessica our mixologist of the evening. If you stop by and say your were referred by a group of Barbarians she might just toss a free beer your way. Also she told me they were adding a wifi connection to the joint, any day now.

For the next BARBARian Gathering there will be a brief exposition on writing like a Right Wing Political Pundit or how to fake 'Fake Outrage'.

See you there..