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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mixed Metaphor Brain Salad Surgery

Both the State of the Union Speech and the Gonzales confirmation wreaked havoc on my digestive systems. It’s like the bad cosmic burrito brought bad flora and fauna to and already over-taxed tract. I have a steel heart and an iron stomach - but both were weak and brought low these last few days over the fact that I had to swallow torture and lies. Even the most optimistic fellow, such as my cynical self, could not react to the twin blows of the SOTU and Montezuma’s revenge.

Now you may think this is some sort of anti-Hispanic screech or a revulsion to a President that speaks Mexican. It is more like I live in a neighborhood with its fill of taco trucks and burrito buses. If you have the appetite, it looks, it smells good, it taste good, only afterwards will you feel the ill effects of poor and spoiled product.

The combo plate of Gonzales and Bush; along with that spoiled radish Leiberman made me want lay in bed or not be far from a safety shit.

They say you born between it, but if you’ve ever taken care of anyone dying: it’s all piss and shit. And this great county of ours is on life support. We endorse torture, we call for benefit reduction, we decry the prolonging of life through stem cell science. They can’t say we believe in euthanasia, rather they say we believe in youth in America.

For the last few days my hearts and guts have felt sick. I did not feel like posting anything or reading anything posted. To top it off, I returned my friend’s router which was my hardware FirewalI. In less than an hour the Adware and worms had infested my computer like the electronic version of the bad burrito.

Watching reboots and scans of the hard drive were more pleasurable than watching Senate votes on C-Span, which is less pleasurable than watching paint dry.

With the latest political developments and the democracy I know and love - the Firewall is down…