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Friday, April 01, 2005

Blogger Ate It!

So many people are complaining about Blogger this week. In my case something weird happened. I thought the post below was eaten by Blogger and I just got so frustrated I stopped writing for the day.

But this morning it shows up in my drafts. And I was so ready to tell about the wonderful post that disappeared - like everyone else has been doing. That's when I realized that "Blogger ate it" is the perfect alibi and can be used in so many situations.

-Teacher, "Where is your homework?
-Student, "Blogger ate it."

-Wife, "You should've called, don't you have a phone?
-Husband, "Blogger ate it."

-Manager, "Where is the TPS report?"
-Employee, "Blogger ate it."

-Al Gore, "Where ever happened to Social Security Lock Box?"
-George Bush, "Blogger ate it."

With such a great excuse, think how you can use it to solve everyday problems.