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Monday, July 11, 2005

Brains, Now Whiter and Brighter with New and Improved Corporate Media

Here is my Top Ten from over 50 reasons You May be Brainwashed by Corporate Media if You:
1)... believe the 5 corporations who own almost all of the media in the U.S. are liberal.

2)... are unaware Iraq had 650 million barrels of oil in reserve just before the war in Iraq .

3)... are unaware that the Iraq war is the biggest case of war profiteering in human history.

4)... believe depleted uranium weapons are not radioactive or deadly weapons of mass destruction (they are 12% less radioactive than nuclear weapons grade uranium and very deadly).

5)... are unaware stem cell research threatens the pharmaceutical industry by curing and preventing diseases which drug companies profit from by treating with drugs.

6)... are unaware our founding fathers intentionally made sure that corporations had no power over people or our government.

7)... are unaware U.S. corporations are now protected under the 14th amendment as a legal 'person.'

8)... are unaware abortions go down only when we reduce poverty, expand healthcare and improve education.

9)... are unaware Tort Reform will absolve corporations of massive negligent liabilities for things like asbestos exposure, pollution, mercury poisoning, hazardous waste, mad cow disease and all sorts of dangerous products and practices.

10)... believe the UN scandals could have taken place without the largest, most influential member and host nation being involved.

Bonus Round:

If you believe Fox News is fair and balanced, you have been brainwashed by corporate owned media.

(via Grow-A-Brain)