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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hot.

I decided this week to be more of a blog reader than a blogger. Besides it was extremely hot and I promised myself to never blog while in my underwear (or nude, if you must know). Today I've got the swamp cooler going and will hookup 2 more by noon.

Also, the heat on the the White House Leak Scandal got turned up - maybe hot enough to cook an eggheaded professor and those conservative, kooky keyboard pundits.

So here's few of my favorite reads:

For a primer read this 2 week old post from Defective Yeti - What you say, "The White House has lost the Defective Yeti?" Probably never had 'em in the first place.

Billmon offers another possible indictment that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald could pursue on the leakers.

To get a breakdown on the security classifications go see this post by Digby where he teaches winger apologist how to count to three. Hell, just read everything he wrote last week.

Barbara O'Brien has been on fire all week over at The Mahablog. I especially appreciated her live-blogging of the Special Joint Hearing and for her cogent argument of why 'The Right' are Public Enemy Number One and are bigger danger to America than terrorists.

If anyone needs a break, or some mental distractions, or just plain fun, check out kontraband.