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Friday, July 15, 2005

I want ringside seats..

This just in:
Joseph Wilson Vows to Beat the Holy Hell out of Karl Rove- In an interview yesterday former Ambassador Joseph Wilson called on President Bush to produce deputy chief of staff Karl Rove by three o'clock Friday afternoon so that he can beat the holy hell out of him for discussing Wilson's wife's job with a reporter.

Wilson criticized what he called a 'total pussy move' by the White House in the wake of revelations that Rove was involved in the leak to the news media that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was an undercover CIA officer.

Bush said earlier this week that he would do nothing to subject Rove to a possible ass kicking because of the continuing investigation by special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. White House press secretary Scott McClellan did say, however, that Bush has the utmost confidence is ability tn Rove'o defend himself and suspects that should it come to blows, Rove will be the one to open a can of all purpose whup ass all over Wilson.

In the interview Wilson was also asked about Rove's defenders who have been quick to point out that in the email describing Rove's conversation with Time reporter Matt Cooper it is never stated that Rove actually mentioned Wilson's wife by name, rather referring to her as Mrs. Wilson or Wilson's wife.

'Ooohhh… you mean he only referred to my wife as Mrs. Wilson rather than Valerie Plame… because you know… no one could possible realize that Valerie Plame is, in fact, my wife… and vice versa. People are really very stupid like that... besides all those terrorists out there who would love to get there hands on anyone from the CIA are way too retarded to ever be able to put together this particular puzzle. I mean, it's still amazing to me that they were able to orchestrate 9/11 seeing as how they're just so incredibly fucking incompetent! Ass!'

Asked what he planned to do to Rove given that he is ever able to actually confront him, Wilson replied, 'Look, this isn't going to take too long. If that fat little bastard ever actually gets the balls to show his fat fucking face I imagine the whole thing will be over in about five minutes. My only fear is the suction that will be generated when my foot meets his ass. I might lose a shoe in there.'

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