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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

CA Election Results

Don't weep for me Arnoldtina. It's been along time since I woke after an election not feeling down. The morning sun was chasing back the storm clouds early today as if to congratulate me.

Californians spent the price of a cup of coffee to tell the Gropinator to stuff it. The Governator spent $7 million of his own cash to get told that. The only people who made out like bandits were the political consultants and their public affairs operations.

Arnold has not seen such a disaster since his film Jingle All the Way which this critique could substitute for yesterday's performance (substitute initiative for movie):
I always tend to have a "whipping boy" movie every year. This movie is so bad that I hold a grudge against it for whatever time or money I spent to watch it. The current, and still undefeated, champion remains Jingle All The Way. I believe the best review I have ever read about this movie, or any movie for that matter, came from the review in THE ONION whose review's first line read, "As mirthful as an icicle shoved straight up your !#*."

The other thing that made my day was that John McCain has no coattails. His support for prop 77 failed miserably. Even despite the message he left on my answering machine telling me that the political smear on this was the worst he'd ever seen. Say John, how's your black child doing these days?