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Friday, November 11, 2005

Why Does Bill O'Reilly Hate Firefighters?

O'Reilly, frothing as usual on his radio show, suggested that Al-Qaida blow up San Francisco's Coit Tower. He reacted to San Franciso voters passing a propisition that would restrict military recruitment in local schools and college campuses.

The target of his bile just happens to be a momument that honors firefigthers. As San Francisco Supervisor, Chris Daly, shot back:

Daly responded on the KRON 4 Morning News, "Coit Tower's a monument to San Francisco's firefighters. They put out the fires in San Francisco after the great quake. American heroes -- they were there on Sept. 11 and now you want al-Qaida to blow up Coit Tower? Give us a break. You are out of line."

O'Reilly also pissed of the president of the San Francisco Firefighter's Union Local 798:
"Coit Tower is a monument to the bravery of the men and women of the San Francisco Fire Department," Hanley said. "When Bill O'Reilly makes an attack on Coit Tower, he's attacking us and our bravery."

He added, "Mr. O'Reilly, maybe we should bring you into some of our burning buildings and see how brave you are."

Well since, time and again, Bill O'Reilly has proven to be a coward when confronted with those who strongly disagree with him, I don't expect him to invite these critics onto his show.