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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Screwfly Solution: Masters of Horror

Last year I read the short story by Raccoona Sheldon, The Screwfly Solution, written way back in 1977, who also published under the macusline pen name James Tiptree Jr, about an epdemic where men inexplicbly start killing women.

As far as the short story goes, the clues are revealed slowly. The truth emerges in a series of correspodences between a husband and wife team of bio-engineers about the progress of anti-sex gene altered fly to combat the screwfly infestation in South America.

This falls upon the background of the rise of a new mysoginistic cult, The Sons of Adam, that are involved in a series of gruesome murders of women. The rhetoric of this cult is like a Cistercian commentary on how Eve is responsible for the fall of Man's grace from the Garden and must be punished.

The story sent shivers through me when I read it.

Finally you'll be able to see it. In this Masters of Horror series, they have reunited the team of Joe Dante and Sam Hamm (who helmed last year's Homecoming) to make the first cinematic version of this story. It will be shown on December 8, 9, 10 & 12. Check your local listings.

In this rendition Elliot Gould shines in a way to test your Gaydar and, finally, Jason Priestly is playing a role where he looks like an adult.

While they do service and capture the horror of the original story they do not fulfill the extreme viciousness and brutaltity of the original tale. But then it would never have been filmed, let alone shown on cable.

This is a must watch show as it raises questions about the origin of male on female violence and the future of the species.

Oh, did I forget to mention this is science fiction?

Update: Avedon Carol has a terrific Interview with Sam Hamm about scripting The Screwfly Solution