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Monday, June 11, 2007

Stuffed Toy Urn - Worst Idea Evar...

This is not as weird as snorting the remains of the departed, but stuffing the cremated remains into a teddy bear, creeps me out.
Boy! I have never talked to my Dad so much in my whole life as I have since he passed. Not only has he guided me every step of the way in the creation of Huggable Urns but he also has guided me in my personal life.
It gives me such comfort to be able to pick up my Teddy Bear and give my Dad a hug anytime I want to especially during my personal hard times. By having my Dad in my Huggable Teddy Bear I can bring him with me to all of our family gatherings.

I can see that family gathering where you try to take this on an airplane. Then stopped at securty to explained what all the powder is in the toy bear.

I hope Pops doesn't end up in the ol'Eureka courtesy of the TSA.

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