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Saturday, December 08, 2007

America Doesn't Torture

We honestly don't do torture and we destroyed the pictures to prove that. I mean, without pictorial evidence no one will ever believe we engaged in such nefarious conduct.

Besides, if we did engage in torture (not saying that we did) it was done with the best intentions. It would have, if we did it, saved the lives of countless AMERICANS, and the children of of Americans, or American children, so what's the harm? Did I mention children?

C'mon, the average Marine goes through a simulated regimen of torture to toughen them up in case the are ever interrogated by the enemy. There is nothing like breaking a recruit down and building them back up to be tough ass-kicking soldiers.

Never mind that some lily-pansied peaceniks consider it a war crime that might be punishable by death, we are extracting information that will make you safe. Because somewhere you want us there - standing between you and the savages that will come and destroy the comforts that we have given you, while grotesque to you, it saves lives!

If not, take up a rifle and stand guard, because you need us there, because deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you want us there doing that.

But that is all a hypothetical, since we do don't do that. We don't torture.

God Bless America!