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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bush Playing with Saddam's Pistol

Both Corrente and Dohiyi Mir are comment on today's bizarre Bush revelation.

It seems that the troops that found Hussein's hidey-hole, presented Bush with the unused pistol found in Saddam's pocket possession. This prized piece of presidential memorabilia is now on display in the same room that Bill Clinton would let Monica waste her beautiful mind.

What possible good could this souvenir serve?
On November 3rd, George W is very depressed having just lost the election.

To console himself he visits his trophy room. Then in a moment of doubt and despair over whether he had made all the wrong choices by listening to the Vice-President, he sees his favorite gift from the troops: Saddam's pistol.

He takes the gun and points it to his headÂ…

Just then Cheney enters the room and yells, "No, George, don't do it!!"

"Shut up Dick," he says, "You're next."

Special Update

The White House medic is called to the trophy room and sees Bush with a gunshot wound in his hand.

The doctor asks, "How did this happen?"

Bush replies, "Well, I was trying to commit suicide.

I stuck the gun to my head and then...just before I pulled the trigger... I thought, this is going to be really loud.

So I stuck a finger in my ear before pulling the trigger"

Further Update:
I think the joke should be amended to talk about an upcoming impeachment and drop the Kerry winning thang. Who knows it might even happen, impeachment, that is. Also, whatever happened to Saddam's shotgun?