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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

They didn't really lie! Really! Not at All...

I have a theory about Iraq

Bush and Cheney didn’t really lie about their incontrovertible evidence.

The reason is we have a number “guests” at an undisclosed location which is also known as the Al Queda Spa for Arrest & Relaxation of Int’l Conventions Center. I hear that Dick Cheney often visits this undisclosed location where he learns a lot.

By the pool he overheard the life guard ask, ”So one more time, did you have ties to Iraq?”, (Sound effects: Gurgle, gurgle, gasp…) and the Guest responds, ”Yes, it’s true, spluarggh.”

In the salon he overhead the Electrolysis Specialist asks, “Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?” (Sound effects: Sparkle, snap, sizzle…) and the Guest responds, “Around Tigrit. I swear, owww.”

In the workout room he overheard the Physical Trainer ask, “How will you attack with those WMDs.” (Sound effects: Thump, thwack, thud…) and the Guest responds, “De plane, de plane- Boss, ouch, I mean un-manned aerial vehicles…”

While sitting for Tea and Crumpets he over heard the British Butler ask, “Hungry, Old Chap? Tell me about that Uranium from those Nigers,” (Sound effects: Growl, grumble, gurrrgle,…) and the Guest responds, “Yellow Cake, hmmm…”

So you see, they didn’t really lie, not at all. It’s just like the time, young George W could not tell a lie, “Honest Mom, I didn’t torture no frogs (Inside voice-‘I just done blewed them up’). Or the time Cheney told the press, “I didn’t go to ‘Nam because I had a family (Inside voice-‘because we all know life starts at tumescence’).

It’s not a lie if you don’t tell the whole truth!