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Monday, June 28, 2004

Iraq is back in da' house.

Two days before the planned 'official' handover of sovereignty to an un-elected Iraqi government, Paul Bremer signed over the country to the Iraq Interim Government in a ceremony at what looks like, for all intent and purposes, an airport departure lounge. He then caught the first flight out of the country to return home for a much needed vacation.

Here's my picks for some of the more unique views on the subject:

BoingBoing: News of early Iraq Power handover broken by a blog Notes that BBC correspondent Stuart Hughes was the first to break news on his blog.

Naked Furniture: Aw, I had slumber parties like this when I was wee Notes the 'giggly' reaction by Bush & Co. to the news.

Big Picnic: Monday, June 28, 2004: The Day of the News Notes iraqi reaction and comments on Bremer's last-minute orders and regulations.

The incomparable Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show, had the best-esque report from any fake-news channel.