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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Time for a plea bargain?

US Withdraws UN Resolution Seeking Criminal Court Exemption
The United States has abandoned efforts to renew the exemption for U.S. peacekeepers' from international prosecution for war crimes. The current exemption expires at the end of this month. (Emphasis added)

Could the timing of the expiration of the current exemption have anything to do with the Administration's insistence that sovereignty be turned over by the end of this month? Will a memo surface detailing the legal protections from prosecution of War Crimes provided that we are in Iraq at the behest of a sovereign government thereby limiting the Administration's culpability.

Deputy U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham emerged from a closed door Security Council meeting to say he was withdrawing the request for a continued U.S. exemption at the International Criminal Court.

"We believe our draft and its predecessors fairly meet the concerns of all," he said. "Not all council members agree, however, and the United States has decided not to proceed further with consideration and action on the draft at this time in order to avoid a prolonged and divisive debate." (Emphasis added)

Sounds like they already had a divisive debate.

There is more background in the linked article. Demagogue
who inspired an earlier post of mine, boils it down to 2 words: Abu Graib.