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Monday, June 21, 2004

Your Papers, Please...

In 8th grade I wrote a paper on the Boston Massacre and the event s leading up to it. What struck me then was that one of the key irritants to the people of Boston was the British stopping people for their identification.

Well today the Supreme court ruled keeping name private can be crime
The Supreme Court has again given police greater power to stop and question suspects, ruling Monday that a Nevada cowboy could not refuse to give his name to officers who tried to question him along a roadside.

The case was the fifth victory for law enforcement this term in cases involving search and seizure by law enforcement.

The narrow 5-4 ruling was seen as a defeat for privacy advocates.(more)

So what happens when your name is Nemo...

Update: Via BoingBoing: "By bizarre coincidence, the same five justices who ruled against our right to privacy are the same five who appointed popular and electoral loser Bush to be president." Who would'va 'thunk???