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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Prayer of the Day

From a group that prays for Bush to be defeated, Pray for Reason had this prayer that touched my heart:
Please help us save ourselves from religious people of all stripes who believe they know what is in the mind of God and have the authority to dictate same to us, and who believe that a God worth worshipping would employ us as tools of death and destruction, greed and bigotry in order to "save" us.

Grant us the wisdom to see that such a vengeful and vindictive God would not be a pleasant entity with whom to spend eternity.

Remind us again of the loving words of Jesus.

If you're too busy to help, then please send someone who can, wise superior beings from outer space, highly evolved lab baboons,... as you deem best. And please bring about the downfall of both the Bush adminstration and Al Qaeda.

Amen, indeed...

(Via Bifurcated Rivets)