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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Slapping Down Ditka

The Rubber Nun really raps the former coach across the knuckles:
The most infuriating thing to me about this "Draft Ditka for Senator" bullshit? It's not his membership to a men-only country club and statements like "W stands for women. And I believe women want a man to be President." It's not his proudly "politically incorrect" approach to world events. It's not the erectile dysfunction ads. It's not even the GOP's cynical hope that the voters of this state will be so blinded by the waning light of this man's star that they won't notice he's completely unqualified and wrong for the job.

It's that he has never registered to vote in Illinois. What sort of arrogance makes some people think they deserve a chance to participate in government as lawmakers when they can't be bothered to participate as citizens?

I can smell the fear and desperation of the Illinois GOP all the way out here on the Left Coast...

Update: Ditka's out but William the "Refrigerator" Perry says he's willing...