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Friday, August 06, 2004

Direct from the Conservative Books for One Dollar Club

South Knox Bubba informs us of a new pro-Bush group publishing a new book hot on the heels of the Swifty Vets against Kerry.

Alabama Mail Room Veterans for Bush
WASHINGTON D.C., Aug. 6th, 2004, For Immediate Release -- Regnery Publishing today announced publication of a new book, "Alabama Mail Room Veterans for Bush". This explosive new blockbuster reveals the truth about Bush's service in the Air National Guard, and puts to rest once and for all questions about his attendance.

Through interviews with a courageous band of brothers, the Alabama Air National Guard Mail Room veterans who served alongside Bush, the book portrays the heroic duty and sacrifice that shaped a young Bush's future and made him the leader that he is today.

Here's my favorite excerpt from Lt. Eugene Overholder, AANG :
"It's still hard to talk about, but I was there when Lt. Bush went down. I still have nightmares. He was opening this envelope with an urgent message to the base commander about potato rations for next week. The sharp edge of the envelope flap caught him right under the left thumbnail. Nasty f***ing paper cut, man. I'll never forget it. There was blood all over his in-box. He was really f***ed up.

But he was one tough hombre. Didn't even holler out for a medic. His first instinct was to get that potato ration memo over to base HQ. Complete disregard for his own personal safety. Not me, man. No f***ing way. We finally got him down and rushed him over to the infirmary. They patched him up, shot him full of morphine, and he was back on duty that afternoon.

Later when they offered him a Purple Heart, he said 'Naw, it was just a scratch. Give it to that fellow who stapled his thumb to that packing crate.' See, that right there is all you need to know about the difference between Lt. Bush and that coward Kerry who took a Purple Heart and a ticket home for a scratch and a Band-Aid."

This is only a taste to wet your appetite. There is so much more revealing insights to be found...