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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Techie Tuesday: Go Dog Go - automatic fetch machine

"Now bring the ball back..." Posted by Hello

Thinking of buying a Christmas present for the pooch? Is your dog a big bundle of energy and you're well, not? If you want to give your four-legged friends the exercise and playtime they deserve, then this $150 ball thowing machine might be just the ticket.

They claim to have training tips for getting the dog to drop the ball back in the bucket, although I know my dog, Roxi Blu, would never do that. She'd rather collect all the balls and lay, or roll around, on them.

In a pinch, I think this could double as an automated pitcher for stick ball pratice.

Take a look at the Product Description:
GoDogGo™ is the ultimate Canine Activity Sport. Designed into this revolutionary product are several capabilities to custom set GoDogGo™ to fit your animals ability as well as the area of which it will be operated in.

Launch adjustment from 15 feet to 30 feet

Electronic intermittent settings from 7 to 15 seconds

15 ball capacity for continuous activity

Battery powered or use included AC adapter

Lightweight with easy-grab carrying handles

6 GoDogGo™ tennis balls included

Includes remote control for setting launch distance and launch times

Made of durable high-impact injection molded plastic and long lasting components.
Not a childs toy.

There is also a video of it in action where I keep imagining the dog is gonna' get it in the snout.

(Via The Presurfer)