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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Techie Tuesday: Fridgy

Have you hugged your Fridgy today? Posted by Hello

I can see this folding fridge sprouting up in college dorms rooms across the world. Cute and comfortable, it could also double as a pillow. Or, maybe it is one more thing to pack for spring-break.
In the words of the designer: Fridgy - A small, light, soft, folding portable refrigirator. Its aim: to break the "refrigeratorness" of the common refrigerator, to deconstruct that old heavy square we all know so well while giving it more character. Fridgy's soft insulating cover is a double layer of non-absorbent fabric filled with polyester fibers. The cover has a door with a zipper Its cooling mechanism uses thermo-electric technology based on the Peltier Effect.

Here is some homework on the Peltier Effect.

(Via Gizmodo)