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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Back Online, Sorta...

Computer problems are never any fun. For while there I was beginning to think I'd never be able fix it. I'm back online for the moment. Yet, I can see with my new firewall that someone, or many someones, are trying to access my computer on the average of every 2 minutes.

I ran a Whois on a number of these IP addresses and these attacks are coming from around the world - China, Germany, and the US to name a few countries. This really sucks. The people who do this suck. Although, in a small way I should thank them for making me get in touch with my inner registry.

So it was a forced vacation from blogging and I read 3 books while doing scans, reboots, downloading patches, and anti-spyware programs. As soon as I can I'm going get another router with a hardware firewall, although I really wish I had a mac...