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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Techie Tuesday: Wheel Surf

Nice set of Wheel... Posted by Hello

The dream of the monowheel has been around for a longtime. For the latest addition to this monomania comes the Wheel Surf as Gizmag reports:
The Brazilian-made Wheelsurf is one of the most distinctive vehicles on the planet -- a US$2500 single-wheeled , ride-inside conveyance that's sure to get you noticed. Riding the Wheelsurf is not for those seeking transport alone as it has no conventional steering mechanism and requires adept throttle control. The throttle and the brake are located on the rigid handlebars and steering is done by moving your centre of gravity (i.e. YOU) to the inside of the corner. Too much throttle and the inner body, with you on it, starts to rotate backwards. Back off the throttle to slow down and you need to lean backwards so you don't rotate forwards within the wheel. Grab a handful of brake and ... errr

I'd like to think of it as your own personal amusement park ride. A skilled operator can do 360 degree loops inside the centric contraption. If you're willing (or should I say, wheeling) to wait through a slow download, you can see the video of it in action.