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Friday, April 01, 2005

Iraq Culture Smart Cards

Do you work well with Cliff Notes? If so, you too can Learn What Every US Soldier Knows About Iraq

The US military's "Iraq Culture Smart Cards" tell 19 year-old soldiers everything they need to know about Iraq, from common gestures to popular foods, all in a handy, fold-up format.
See what they're learning for yourself.

As part of an effort to better educate its troops, the US military has been handing out the handy, laminated Iraq Culture Smart Cards to US troops for the last two years. The 16 page card folds up like a map and has information ranging from religious holidays to to cultural customs ("Admitting 'I don't know' is shameful for an Iraqi," reads one). "They are meant for the 19- or 20-year-old soldier, moving door to door in a hostile environment," said Marine Col. Keith Lawless to the New York Times about the cards. "This will help him stay out of trouble."

The best way for these guys to stay out of trouble is to stay out of Iraq.