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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Astounding Similarities

If you're in the mood for a good rant, then you must read Drunken Monkey Style Blogging on a regular basis.

Here's a short sample:

And Pat supposedly being a religious man, even though I have my doubts about anyone who so freely decides who deserves to die and who doesn't, could in the Muslim world be equated with a mullah. Those evil fanatics who teach people to hate others that we hear derided soo often of late. Pat Robertson, Christian Mullah of hatred who can decide who deserves to live or die on the cuff on live TV. What a guy. WWJD? Why he'd kill Chavez in a heartbeat because Chavez is an evil man who stole an election, 'gasp', Hugo has been known to have people killed and tortured in the name of his government, 'gasp', he has plans for oil that are not good for all the people everywhere, 'swoon', and he's generally a lying backstabbing politician who would do anything to stay in power. That is why Jesus and Pat Robertson would kick Hugo's butt.

But................................................................... Why is it he and his democratically elected government make me think of Bush and his little crew?

For the full impact go read the whole thing. Since there aren't any permalinks scroll down to the 8-24-05 commentary.