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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Album Formerly Known As Sean Hannity’s Phone Number ...

You got to love a band that puts out an album after Sean Hannity’s Phone Number:
Sean Hannity (631) 673-8003 was set to be released on July 21 by 10-34 Records. But, according to a press release sent out last week by the band, Kids Against Combs and 10-34 were issued papers on July 15 from Hannity’s attorneys, "threatening to sue both parties if they proceeded with releasing an album named after Hannity’s home phone number and containing the political pundit’s home address in the CD’s liner notes." (The digits, meanwhile, are now disconnected; "changed to an unlisted number," says the recording.)

After receiving papers they oblige with the newly renamed soon-to-be-a-hit The Album Formerly Known As Sean Hannity’s Phone Number ... Currently Sean Hannity Is a Democracy Subverting Douche Bag..

Swear to gawd, snuffle, snuffle, Snort, Cough. What further proof do you need that conservatives don't understand the funny...

Update: Visit Kids Against Combs if you want to buy the album, buy t-shirts, or listen to this song: Capitalism is gonna break your heart.