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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I've got Questions.

Here are few things I've been wondering about this last week.

Why did Ashcroft's DOJ send over the request for documents in the Plame investigation minutes before Bush goes to bed for the evening? Can you tell me they didn't know his early-to-bed habits? Was it to provide plausible deniability for Bush, or was it like under Reagan where they'd let him sleep while the adults handled the crisis?

Why didn't they rename the GWOT to the "World Struggle Against Violent Extremism" or W-SAVE? Don't you think they're slipping? Did they think it would be too obvious? Are the poll numbers restraining their obnoxiousness?

Will the next president still have military authorization given by Congress under the Iraq War Resolution. Is it president specific or will it have to be renegotiated? Any constitutional lawyers out there?