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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stupidest Post I've Read in a While

Normally I don't read blogs on the right because they are seriously lacking in humor. And I'm all about the funny. Usually what passes for humor in wingersville is statements like, "If we turn the Middle East into glass we can find the oil easier."

But thanks to Daou-O-Vision I found this hilarious, barrel bottom-scrapping defence of Karl Rove at the expense of Judith Miller.
I want to know who Judith Miller is hiding. She has gone to jail protecting a source that, if known, will blow the whole Valerie Plame leak fiasco out of the leftist side of the debate.

Logically, her source cannot be Karl Rove. If it were Rove, old Karl would be pounding the pavement right now looking for a new job. Judith Miller has a waiver to disclose her source and she still refuses to do it. Matthew Cooper gave up Rove the minute he had gotten enough sympathy from the media and the public. He had already had a waiver, but he knows how to play his audience.

Judith Miller is hiding who? Could it be Ted Kennedy? Could it be Charles Schumer? Could it be Valerie Plame? Ms. Plame's boss is on the record explaining that Plame had not been under cover for nine years prior to the Robert Novak article. Robert Novak is on the record as having called the CIA prior to going public with the name of Joseph Wilson's wife.(my emphasis0

Why not claim that Miller is protecting Theresa Heinz becuse they share the same vowels in their last names.

I still find it funny despite that the fact the right has killed irony but have inadvertanly created an iditioaucraty. Now that's funny...