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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina, The Silver Lining... Of Pockets!

The worst and most expensive natural disaster might derail a much needed stimulus to the economy, the Estate Tax, where the scions of the wealthy and poor single-family farmers will invest in companies that have the contract to rebuild the the port and oil infrastructure in New Orleans.

God forbid we don't have another round of stimulating the economy in this time of dire need. And it'll all be the fault of those 'beer truck' stealing welfare recipients who are looting up the ol' Big Easy. With costs expected to reach 100 Billion we must have more tax breaks to trickle down into new tax revenue. C'mon we survived the Savings and Loans payback.

We must protect our nation's asset, children of the rich, who'll be double taxed on money they will inherit, not earned, because that's what Jesus would have wanted, "What profiteth a man if doesn't inherit the whole earth?" (ReMark, 8:36, Version: New Republications).